A Piece of Spruce St is Coming to the Suburbs!

Guys. Guys!! The suburbs do not get nearly enough attention, which is something we at To Columbus and Beyond want to change!

So, without further ado: NORTHMARKET IS COMING TO DUBLIN!

Construction began in February. According to 614 Now “[Crawford Hoying design director Russ] Hunter says guests will recognize some places from the original North market at 59 Spruce St, but promises there will be some new names, too. It will be located on the ground floor of the Block D parking garage on Longshore Street between Tuller Ridge and John Shields Parkway.”

Hot Chicken Takeover?
Kitchen Little?
This Bison Meatloaf with Boar Bacon would be even more awesome closer to home!

How exciting is this?! Which spots are you hoping will be there? Let us know in the comments!

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