The Wacky World of COSI’s Mythic Creatures

This weekend we visited COSI and checked out the Mythic Creatures exhibit. I have some SERIOUS unicorn and dragon fans so we were pretty excited!

This exhibit is an additional charge to the entry fee of COSI.

Walking in, Jeremy, big sis, and I were amazed. This space was wacky and beautiful. The littles weren’t as impressed. Walking into a inky black space with a ginormous menacing dragon greeting you was not what they were expecting! The littles eventually enjoyed the exhibit, but I wish I would have thought that through and could have managed their expectations. This space is geared more toward young adults and adults (there is a little kid space, more on that in a minute), but that doesn’t mean the younger crowd wouldn’t enjoy it.

As it was Spring Break weekend for many of our local schools COSI was abnormally packed. I have never seen it so busy! I was glad that COSI ticketed the exhibit by time, and were pretty strict about it. We got to the exhibit at 1:35pm (our tickets were for 1:45pm) and they had us wait. We ended up being first in line for our time slot, which was nice! But we didn’t enter an empty space. The exhibit is so packed with interesting sights, it’s definitely a place to linger and people did.

Once we got past the menacing dragon, the littles relaxed a bit. They loved the Mini Mythic area! It was nice to keep them occupied so J, big sis, and I could actually read and explore the exhibit. The play area had a lot set up for kid fun! There was coloring, mini figures and castles, felt story boards, and more!

Little sis was pretty disappointed that the unicorns had beards, but as an adult I thought the space was well done and amazing. Knowing my kids, I would have preferred to visit this with just the husband and I. There was so much I wanted to soak in and absorb that just didn’t interest the 3 year old crowd!

Are you planning on checking out the Mythic Creatures exhibit at COSI? Let us know in the comments!

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