Signs of Spring at Sharon Woods Metro Park

Who else is tired of this dreary weather? I know we are! We are ready for spring family fun. Our mission for the next month is to find fun things to do for kids and family! Bonus if it is Free Fun!

To do this, we are traveling around Columbus and Suburb Metro Parks searching for signs of spring. Join us and we may even see you on the trails! Don’t hesitate to say hi!

The first park we have visited is Sharon Woods Metro Park. This park is GREAT for littles that need some paths to test out bikes that have been in the garage all winter! If you do bring your bike, hit up the Multipurpose Trail. It’s 3.8 miles long and smooth and easy for kids to navigate. Our littles are on their balance bikes, and they are very new at them, so we easily walked along with them!

I loved the signs of spring we saw along the trail and fun for kids to call our attention to any signs of green or yellow! It was nice to slow down and see the forest from their point of view, they get so excited! I often think I need to come up with an elaborate adventure to please them, but they loved the kid led adventure and my husband and I enjoyed the chance to walk and talk to each other while they were occupied! Take the pressure off of planning an event and just let them explore while you stroll! The fresh air, sunshine, and exercise were just what we needed.

Don’t feel like your have to make the entire trail – we sure didn’t! We started from the Schrock Lake Picnic Area and by the time the kids were so done riding their bikes, there was a walking path that led to a play area and short trek back to where we parked!

The kids had fun tackling the outdoor workout space as well. There are big tires, ropes, and bars to swing on.

They have an exciting schedule of kid activities planned for Spring!

The Natural Play Area here is like a wonderland, and always one of our favorite adventures. Here are some photos from this Fall, we will be back April 14th to help get it ready for Spring with parks and recreation!

The next day we headed to Inniswoods! This is a family favorite and one of the most beautiful parks in Central Ohio, hidden in the suburbs!

What is your favorite Metro Park? Tell us where to go next!

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